Nebulization is the cold transformation of a liquid into a cloud of extremely fine particles (between 3 and 4 microns). These fine particles are inhaled by the horse and spread by breathing along the respiratory tract. The smaller the size of the particles, the deeper they penetrate, to the pulmonary alveoli for the finer ones. The products thus administered act directly on the area to be treated without the need to administer them generally, with the disadvantages that it may have (irritation or gastric intolerance, kidney difficulties, laminitis risks related to the administration by general route of cortisone, etc.).

Nebulization is therefore an interesting alternative to general treatment: it allows the administration of drugs in high doses, long enough, with limited side effects.

Respir'aid Nebul

Product to nebulize for horses, allows the elimination of phlegm, opens the lower airways

12,00 € the 250 ml

NEB 30

Product to be nebulize, intended for all horses or other animals, to maintain a very good hygiene of the respiratory system.

17,00 € the 250 ml