The foot reacts to the hygrometry (humidity, dryness) to pass from the fat to pass of the fat is not enough that is why we have developed products aimed at counteracting these phenomena. In summer (or on a dry litter) to avoid the effects of drying out it is necessary to bring hydration and contrario in winter (or damp ground) to prevent too much moisture soften the horn. For the ranges it is good to fight against the two main sources of decay bacteria (never forget that they work in anaerobic, and that hot under the products type "tar" will have the leisure to develop) but also against fungi.

Hoof Lotion

Foot care prevents moisture from penetrating too much, tissue care ......

27,00 € the 500 ml jar with brush

Hoof Cream

Foot care prevents the appearance of breakage due to drying.

€ 19.00 the 500 ml jar

Black Hoof Dressing

Give the feet a black appearance while preserving their integrity ....

27,00 € the 500 ml jar with brush

Hoof Remedy

Foot care fight against the appearance of fungi

& bacteria helps keep healthy forks

10,00 € the 125 ml