It is advisable to use an anti-fly according to the work which one will make.

If it is to put it on horses in the meadow or paddock, it is necessary to use the product which will offer the longest persistence time (which generally increases the price of the product), knowing that no product at world can not offer a cover that will exceed 10 days (beyond the combined action of rain, sun and sweat will pass the product).

If it is to apply it on a horse at work a more basic product will do the trick because at the first important sweat come it will start again.

Ultra Fly

External care product for horses

Repellent, Killer for flies, mosquitoes, horse flies .....

29,00 € the 530 ml

Super Fly

External care product for horses

Repellent for flies & mosquitoes

17,50 € the 530 ml

Superfly Green

External care product for horses, repellent for flies & mosquitoes

entirely natural

19,50 € the 500 ml

Pure Garlic

Supplementary feed for horses

Well known for its anti-fly action

€ 19.50 per kilo