Wounds, eyes ....

Summer dermatitis, photosensitization, mud mange, crevasses ....

Sarcoids ....


They are of two types:

Accidents (cuts, abrasion, desquamation ....) and dermal problems that they are caused by an allergy (summer dermatitis, ringworm .........) or by a bio-top (scabies mud.....).

For skin accidents, it is appropriate to pass products that are real dermo-repair and that allow the skin to remake quickly and without budding.

The use of products based only on iodine is to be avoided, because if they are very good antiseptics, they are very bad cicatrisants because the iodine has a tendency to burn the epithelial cells necessary for the cicatrization, delaying of as much the process of healing.

For dermal problems caused by bio-top (crevasses, mud mange ....), it is usually a dehydration of the dermis caused by water. It is necessary in these cases to pass a lotion or a cream with a high rehydrating power so as to repair the lesions that may have been created.

For dermal problems caused by an allergy, it is of course necessary to try to eliminate the causes of the allergy, but if this can not be done, try to keep the dermis elasticity and avoid the possible start of infection with the same type of creams or lotions used previously.