Behavioral problems with mare and stallion.....

Laurent Mosti

Stress in transport, contests, at home…


The horse is an animal worried by nature, hyper-nervous and very sensitive to stress.

The stress induced by the effort and the atmosphere of competition or transport influences certain important metabolisms as on the regulation of the cerebral hormone called Serotonin and on the quality of the highly sensitive microsphere of the digestive tract, up to a "stress ulcer" more and more frequent especially among thoroughbreds.

L-TRYPTOPHANE is an amino acid essential for the proper functioning of nerve cells as well as vitamin B1 (Thiamine). Plants such as passionflower, .... or minerals such as magnesium also have a beneficial effect on the behavior of the horse.

The products presented below are effective relaxants for nervous horses who excite themselves before races, competitions or transport compromising their performances.

A few days after the start of treatment, the horse becomes more docile and more attentive to work. The horse gets used to working calmly or managing a situation that before him seemed insurmountable.

The choice of the product and the dosage are to be adapted according to the state of stress of the horse and his habitual temperament.

For some horses it will be possible after a certain time to gradually stop the use of the product. For others, it will take longer.

Products that do not contain L-Tryptophan can be administered daily for long periods, if necessary, without any risk of habituation.

All products presented are free of prohibited substances, do not cause any undesirable effects (drowsiness ..) and do not diminish in any way the sporting abilities of horses.


Some mares have very marked heat, sometimes even hormonal imbalance that makes them shady and difficult to mount.

These disturbances often cause an increase in the volume of an ovary which makes these mares stiff and very sensitive to the level of the back. In other cases, there will be an irregularity in the appearance or course of heat (mares difficult to fill).

To deal with these two very common problems, we have selected two products that you will find below