Whatever the method of feeding chosen (traditional or industrial) we must never forget that this remains a work base but also that a horse will always remain an herbivore, so never neglect the supply of hay. It is nevertheless important to balance your ration, and make sure to bring all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. EPC offers a wide range of complementary foods to accompany your horses in training and throughout the competitive season.

Competition Supplement

CMV for sport horses, specially designed to bring vitamins, minerals and trace elements ....

41,00 € for one month

Pro Cell

CMV with high quality vitamins, very rich in iron, designed to support tired bodies ......


25,00 € for one month

Elite Sport F2

4 functions for a product

Simplify your life!

CMV + Gastric + Articular + Respiratory ......

135,00 € for one month

Sonia Bourle